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KEY is a supplier of merchandise, concepts, design proposals and webshops. Our clients and their brands are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. 


Based in The Hague, the Dutch office manages our entire sourcing process for all items produced. Sixteen colleagues are working on various accounts. We have close cooperation and partnerships with various suppliers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Eastern Europe.

Our China office manages the entire sourcing and production process for all items produced in China. Six local colleagues working on only KEY requests and productions. They ensure both quality and competitive pricing. As the office is situated in Shenzen, close contact with factories is maintained at all times. 

Key Introduction

Key Introduction

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It all begins with detailed research into the client briefing. We analyze market trends, evaluate the possibilities and immerse ourselves in the client's brand and it's specific request.


Based on the briefing, digital proposals are being made.  

This includes an initial brainstorm with the team up to creating a 3D model.  

Our design team will use their knowledge to find the best production & sustainability method and follows the seasonal trends.


Production takes place in China or Europe, depending on quantity, material and delivery time. After the inquiry process a first prototype will be made to be approved by the customer. This approved prototype will be leading in the further quality control process. No surprises!



 Samples are taken during the production process in order to guarantee the right quality. The first products will meet the legal requirements as tested by our QC manager. After production quality will be checked again. The quality check includes the printing, finishing, packaging etc.


Once the production is approved, the products are being transported by professional partners, sea or road. If required packaged in displays and worldwide delivered.