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We can fill the entire site with fun text about how wonderful, how creative, how service minded and how sympathetic we are, but in the end it's about the items that we make or have made. Those items speaks for themselves and say it all. If you have not yet seen our work in real life here is the short version of KEY's expertise:


We love creating new ideas! It's at the heart of what we do. A succesful product starts with a good concept. What should it communicate and what do you like it to do. Gaining visibility, creating fans and growing sales is where we can help with.


It just has to look good. If you want to distinguish yourself from the competition and want to create recognizability then a well designed item is an absolute must. We are proud that through our in-house design studio, we are able to assist any brand with designs that are up to date, innovative and look great. 


Make Ideas Move.

Animated explainer videos are a perfect tool for attracting target groups to your product or brand and visualising the key benefits and features.

Are you curious what technique fits best to communicate your message? Check our page about 3D animation, infographics and video with animation or contact us. We’re happy to help you decide.


Merchandise is so much more than just printing a logo on a pen, a notebook or a T-shirt. It’s about selecting the right item that tells the story of the brand just by looking at it. It’s about the right colours, the right feel, the right weight.

We ensure that we produce the right product for each client or brand. 


KEY can build online stores/order platforms that are user-friendly e-commerce sites. Per portfolio brand we can create a personalized site offering upcoming items, showing previously made items and setting up commitment rounds. Big advantage: centralize purchasing and reduce costs by seamlessly executing all branded merchandise availabilities on a single platform.

Product Expertise

Metals, textiles, fibreglass, ceramics, wood, stainless steel, glass and sustainable materials like bamboo we understand it all: how they can be printed, branded, or combined together. We will advise the best materials to work with and how your brand logo placement will look its best.

Global Shipment

Shipping abroad can be a time-consuming process – involving paperwork, tariffs and regulations. We use a comprehensive range of freight services to move your goods efficiently from origin to any world wide destination.

China Presence

The KEY China team is located in Shenzhen, covering factories from South China up to and beyond Shanghai. This team sources, does all quality control, facilitates our extensive ethical work, and provides a safety net for communication with our suppliers. We can therefore assure a speedy and effective work and communication flow.

Manufacturing & Safety Testing

The Dutch office works closely with the China office to ensure orders go through the production process as efficiently as possible, carefully controlling quality at all stages. Product risk assessments and function tests are carried out at an early stage – before bulk production takes place. 


Not only does good packaging design help a brand stand out in a retail environment it answers all the questions. From openers to corporate luxury gift box, beer labels to sandwich boxes and event goody bags, we can create all kind of branded packaging that carries products and its brand messages.


Although we offer many product categories our expertise is drinks. 

An category where innovation really is vital, both On - Trade and Off - Trade.

Our portfolio includes a large range of GWPs, bottle glorifiers, bar ware, serving trays, coasters, tap handles, LED signs, retail displays, openers and staff clothing. 


With a database of over 10.000 products, we are confident we can find a selection of branded products that will represent brand and impress the audience receiving them. 

KMIQ18-0428 HE Lagunitas Bottle display


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