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Product - Backpacks
Christmas Card
Key Introduction
The Dutchies - Introduction
The Dutchies - How To Greet
The Dutchies - The Weather
The Dutchies - Van Gogh
The Dutchies - Sinterklaas
The Dutchies - Kingsday
The Dutchies - Art Museum

Creating an animated video for your business can seem like a daunting task, how to develop a script, what style of graphics do you want etc etc, therefore we present you this 6-step process.


1 Brief
Contact us with your wishes and we will help you to outline your animation.


2 Scipt

Together we will write the script (the message and the story you want to communicate to your audience). We need your simple, short and clear message on what you would like to communicate. A script ranges from 150 – 300 words which will equate to 1-3 minutes of animation.


3 Style & Graphics

At this point we will start exploring how you want the video to look and feel considering your brand guidelines.


4 Storyboard

The storyboard describes the actions (what happens on screen) in conjunction with the dialogue or script. We create a storyboard document outlining the dialogue, and above this the visuals and scenes.


5 Illustration

We will create all the images from scratch that will be needed for the video including the characters, backgrounds, icons etc and this will be added onto the storyboard.

At this point, you should really be able to see what each scene will look like and the general look and feel of the video.


6 Animation

At this step, we will have recorded the voice over to our script (if needed). Now that we know the total running time of the video and the length of time we have for each scene, we will start to animate the storyboard.

What are the costs?

Every animation is different. It makes a lot of difference if you want a product 3D animation, logo animation or corporate presentation. The costs depend entirely on your wishes. How long would you like the video to be, do you want voice over? How detailed do you want us to make it? If you would like to receive a detailed quotation - no strings attached, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

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What kind of animation are you looking for?
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